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Be weary of the label that your leaf spring has, or should I say, doesnít have on it.
Leaf springs, just like all everything else, are made around the world, by various companies and of varying quality. If you are comparing quality you have to start
with the manufacturer. Every credible quality approved manufacturer will put a
sticker with their name and the part number on their product. Even if they
outsource some part numbers and buy them from other manufacturers they will
still put their own sticker on it. Stay away from springs without any stickers or labels. Also stay away from springs with numbers that are handwritten in chalk or marker. These springs are potential trouble. You donĎt know who made them or where they
were made. You may save a few bucks in the short run but chances are youíll pay
for it in the long run. We could tell you a couple of stories if you like.
There is an exception to the rule of course. You may run across some places
that are still manufacturing their own springs and leaves with their own furnaces.
These places are few and far between though. No one is likely running their furnace
to produce anything that is remotely common. Itís just not cost effective these days
to run that furnace with the availability of so many springs. The most trusted names
in the business are TRIANGLE & DAYTON. Their facilities are located in North America and this is what most of our inventory consists of. Ask for the manufacturer and a place of origin if you donít see a sticker. If you donít get a straight answer you may want to think twice about buying that spring.

More information available from TRIANGLE SUSPENSION
at www.trianglesuspension.com


Since opening in 1974, our main objective has been to provide our customers quality parts and exceptional service. We have updated and expanded our products and services over the years to help provide our customers with their automotive/truck needs. We currently service the Western New York area with locations in Niagara Falls and Buffalo.