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Adding (1) extra leaf to your leaf spring suspension will add capacity and height to your vehicle. What we do is take out your spring leaves, make a new leaf to match your spring arch and then add arch to the new leaf and some of the existing leaves. We believe this is the only way to do this job correctly. If you want to do this job yourself we suggest you bring us at least one leaf from your pack to match the arch otherwise you may get a leaf that has less arch than your existing spring or one that has too much arch. We can control, to an extent, the amount of height with arch and capacity with the thickness of the new leaf. We rarely add (2) extra leaves to springs and when we do it is only on dual wheel vehicles.

You can replace most coil springs with heavy duty or super duty versions for your vehicle. Front of most Ford and Dodge trucks have heavy duty replacements available. We also have heavy duty rear coil springs for rear of newer Dodge trucks. These springs come in pairs and vary in height and capacity and are excellent for the extra weight of snowplows.

Most vehicles have an air system that can be added to your vehicle's rear suspension. These vary in capacity and in almost all cases do not affect the ride quality when empty.

You can repair most leaf spring assemblies by only replacing the broken leaf in the pack. If you are doing your own repair then we recommend you bring in the old piece so we can match the arch and thickness of the leaf so your vehicle rides and sits at about the original height. If you have broken the main leaf, or top leaf, then you may want to compare the price of the main leaf to the entire spring assembly. It may not be cost effective to replace only the main leaf.

We do recommend replacing the shocks when you add an extra leaf to your spring or upgrade to heavy duty coil spring but typically if you raise the height of your vehicle 1 to 2 inches then the shock length should not be a problem. If you raise the height of your vehicle more than that then you may have a problem with not having enough extension of the shocks.

Whenever you increase the height of your vehicle we recommend doing a wheel alignment. Even though it may seem to drive the same, your vehicle is riding and driving in a different position.